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Safe Places

    What prayers can I use to feel safe?

  • It is wonderful to commit to your heart some of the comforting words from the Bible, this way wherever we are we can use them to feel safe.
  • The Lord’s Prayer (Think of God as your Father right with you all the time.)
  • Psalm 23 - (God is your Shepherd and you know how He protects and cares for his sheep.)
  • Psalm 91 - (It feels so safe to know you are always under the mighty wings of God.)
  • Psalm 121 - (Our Father watches us 24/7 He does not sleep! He keeps us safe as we go out and as we come in forever. It is good to know that.)
  • Any part of these psalms can be used as a prayer for safety.

  • We don't have to feel powerless.

  • None of us have any power of our own.
  • The only power we have is from God.
  • Since He is always with us we must never forget that His power is always with us.
  • That is why the Psalm 28:7 says “The Lord is my strength and shield.”
  • When we know that all power belongs to God, then we know we never have to feel powerless since He is always with us.

  • How to stop feeling like a victim?

  • Know that we can never be what God NEVER created.
  • He never created victims or bullies so you are not a victim and no one should be a bully.
  • You know God could not make anything unlike His own loving nature.
  • So get the right sense of yourself, try to see yourself as how God sees you.

  • What can we do when someone offends, hurts or upsets us with something they said or did?

  • Let’s not get into a habit of feeling hurt so easily!
  • If something is said, think and see if it true. If it is true and it needs you to change be willing to do so.
  • If something is said about you and it is not true why would you worry or care?
  • Most times when we are hurt it is our pride that is hurt, but pride is something God does not want us to have so we pray to remain humble instead.
  • You can also learn to speak to whomever offends you, to let them know how you feel, if they keep offending you, you could report it to an adult you both know.
  • Whatever you do don’t hold on to bad feelings since they make you miserable while whoever offends appears to go free.

  • Chose to be happy!


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