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Foundations in America

After the Revolutionary War when we won our independence from Great Britain a Constitution was written for the sole purpose of creating a more perfect union. Not a perfect union because humanly that is impossible, but a better union where the states are joined together in cooperation and stability. The establishment of the Constitution of The United States of America was to promote good government and a better government. This was a huge step and the first human government established on the basis of God first.

We pray for those in the government to have the Mind of Christ. To be receptive to what God wants. We are still working toward that objective. Jesus said. “Be ye therefore perfect, in as your Father which is heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48). We as mankind are striving for that perfection, and it is our job as Christian Scientists to see this possibility, to be receptive to it, and do whatever God inspires us to do to make our human government better. If we make it perfect we won’t need it anymore so meanwhile let’s be practical and active in our communities, our business, our churches and let divine Love be seen right here.

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